Infoark 2018 annual meeting

date:2019-01-14 17:17

In late 2018 and early 2019, with the opening of a new journey, Infoark held 2018 annual meeting and commendation congress.
As a helmsman for the development of Infoark, General Manager Michael Gong made an important speech first, he summarized and reviewed the development and changes of Infoark in the past year, at the same time, he also made a planning and deployment for the work of the New Year.

In 2018, under the uncertain condition of the market environment, Infoarkers had the courage to face difficulties and support transformations. Through everyone’s efforts, Infoark not only completed the adjustment of the organization structure and operation mode, but also finished the annual work objectives of 2018.In 2019, new journey, new starting, new challenge, Infoarkers will be more courageous to achieve better Infoark and themselves.Then, Infoark executives and each department managers summarized the year-end report respectively, and made the work planning of next phase.

Infoark’s development is achieved by the mutual effort of Infoarkers, excellent team and advanced individual who made outstanding contribution to Infoark in 2018 is commended in the annual meeting, to affirm and praise all their hard work, and to incent by the power of example.


Powder of example, excellent department and advanced individuals
Award commemorative golden coin and honorary certificate to Ten-year Infoarkers for their special contribution 
Although the meeting is ended, the road is ongoing, all the efforts and achievements of the past are the starting point. In 2019, Infoark will seek opportunities by reformation and innovation to develop steadily and maturely.

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