Enjoy Yichun, Infoark follows

date:2019-08-19 11:01

In August, Infoark opened Yichun Forest Tour for pursuing the quiet and serene.

Yichun is a landscape of peace and happiness, which is on the other side of Russia across the Amur River. Its forest coverage rate is 84.5%, and it is the largest (in Asia) and best-preserved Pinus koraiensis primary forest. Mountains and rivers are criss-cross, the vast beautiful scenery is unique in China.

In the forest, no wine to welcome the guests, the green is intoxicating.

In the trip, Infoarkers meet the green and obtain the happiness, at the same time, they also gain different team energy.

Take a photo in front of the train named "Shaoqi" as a memory, look up at tall ancient trees, walk in the mossy forest, feel back to ancient times.

Sit on the forest small train, speed along the forest.


In the rain, enjoy Wuyiling Songjiang source by boat, walk on the long wooden footway of wetlands, cool breeze stroke, colorful leaves fall down, let a person can't help but admire the magic of nature, at the same time, awe and gratitude the good around you.

Although 2019 Yichun tour ended, Infoark is still on the way, hearts are together, a better future is waiting for us to create.

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