UP 2020

date:2020-01-13 10:58

On Jan.10th,2020, Infoark held an annual summary meeting for 2019 and work arrangement for 2020 in Beijing, the conference retrospected and summarized each work in 2019, and honored the outstanding departments and advanced individuals.

General Manager Michael Gong made an annual report at the meeting, he conducted a comprehensive and detailed summary, not only affirming the achievements, but also pointing out the insufficiency, and arranged the deployment for 2020 according to the domestic and international economic situation and the actual characteristic of Infoark. The executives and each managers also reported the work respectively and made a more detailed working plans for the next stage.

In 2019, many sudden external factors challenged the development of Infoark, however, the struggle power from Infoarkers overcame the difficulties. Whatever hard the external environment, Infoarkers keep the passion for work, the insistence for objectives, and the faith for the team, they grow strongly in adversity and fill with vigor in prosperity. Infoark’s development depends on the efforts of every Infoarkers, at the meeting, the leaders not only awarded the bonuses and honorary certificate for the annual outstanding individuals, managers and departments, but also granted memorial prize for each Infoarkers who worked for 3years, 5years and 10 years in Infoark, thanks for their contributions.

2019, eulogize every Infoarkers, 2020, Infoarkers continue to insist their aspirations and go all out to meet new challenges, to make Infoark a more stable development.

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