A Journey braving the wind and waves in 2020

date:2020-09-07 11:02

Flying nearly 2900 kilometers from Beijing, we came to a charming island --- Sanya, which has beautiful mountains and beautiful sea, the sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom all the year round.

Then, Infoark team started the “Braving the wind and waves” journey in 2020.


Blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, sandbeach, sea waves, coconut trees, charming tropical shore scenery, strong tropical climate’s life and culture, dance with sea dance, brave the wind and waves
In Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, the real vast sea and boundless sky, enjoy “the First Bay” Yalong Bay, at the same time, breathe the fresh air in the natural oxygen bar.


 As the platform for employee developing, promoting and realizing the value, Infoark, like the vast heaven and earth, creates a good growing condition and developing opportunity, and provides a wide and free development space for each employee.

Wuzhizhou Island Scenic Area, is famous as “Maldives in the east”, mountains, sea and sky are combined together, open the mind and listen to the voice of the sea, see the seawater from the light blue gradually into the deep blue. The colour is distinct, tempting as a jelly. The beauty is beyond imagination when stepping on the white soft sandy beach.


Diving, surfing, motorboat, put aside all the annoyance, brave the wind and waves, greet the speed and passion. “Keep going forward” is the unique lable hold by Infoarkers.

Except beautiful scenery, delicious food can not live up to as well.

Zero distance between sand and sea, enjoy exclusive romantic BBQ candlelight dinner.


Thanks to the strong motherland, not only effectively controlled Novel Corona Virus, but also showed the national strength and brought love for the Chinese. Thanks to the industry, and thanks to the efforts from every Infoarkers.

Thanks to Infoarkers’ unity and efforts, Infoark achieved a great development, hope every Infoarkers can have a better future.


Cheers together, salute ourselves who make arduous efforts, salute a better future, come on!


Sailing forward, braving the wind and waves, making persistent efforts!

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