Infoark 20th Badminton Team Competition

date:2020-11-30 11:03

Share Badminton with you, Infoark 20th Badminton Team Competition successfully ending
In November, a grand game which Infoarkers all expect ---- the 20th badminton team competition finally starts!

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the competition in 2020 is hard-earned, whether the choice of venue or the emergency contingency plan, we prepare more fully than the previous games.

The game still follows the principle of “friendship first, competition second”, compete between each team, the highest-score team is the victory. The competition scene is also as previous, each player goes all out, never gives concession to the others, the audiences cheer continuously.
However, this year’s game, in addition to win the score on the pitch, the attraction is everyone’s smiling face, the bright smiling face under the masks, full of sunshine and strength.

In fact, the game is not only a game, but also the power of every Inforkers. From the first to the 20th, the game is more and more satisfactory, just like the strives from every Infoarkers to get the company better and better.

Struggle is together with joy, hoping more brilliant next year, fighting!

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